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Once again... Doing a one year update, making sure I'm not dead!
So, my DeviantArt page has come to a halt, I suppose. I do not have any projects in store, not working on anything, it's quite sad actually. It's mostly due to work, school, (God, will it ever end), and me helping to take care of my dad, as he is having more procedures done to him at the hospital. I come on DA almost every day, so I do get to see what's going on with everyone else, I just wish I had plans of my own to make perlers. I think it's more of a spacial issue as to why I haven't done anything. Like... I don't have enough room in my house to really make the perlers I want to make. I have become ambitious and want to make larger, more grander art pieces, but I simply don't have the room nor the time. We got a new cat a couple months ago and he's much more energetic than my previous kitties, so it makes me hesitant to leave my beads lying around as much as I did before. Hell, I did my last piece in the living room since I had no room in my bedroom to do it, and none of my older cats bothered with it, but this guy will definitely would walk all over it. Sometime in the future, maybe if I am able to branch out... I really do want to work again. I miss it, I haven't done anything in a year. I keep having all these ideas, but they're too big. It's sad. Aside from all that... I haven't been up to much aside from what I've said above. I've been playing a lot of Overwatch and No Man's Sky, nice games to break away from everything.
Nothing else I really have to say, unless anyone is interested and wants to strike up a conversation. Like I said, I'm on almost every day, so feel free. School has been hitting me hard, I'm just taking a Chemistry class this semester, and it's already whippin' my ass. Sometimes I think I should stop persuing what I want to do, maybe it's not in my profession if I suck so much at what is supposed to be the basics of what I want to get into. Even with 8+ hours of studying, it's not coming all clear to me. It's so bizarre, how I pour all these hours of studying and it still won't click properly in my head, I just don't get it. Maybe I'll get through it, maybe I won't. I'll find out soon enough. Maybe you guys will know next year, haha.
Anyway, I hope you all are doing well with your lives, love to see perler art from all my talented artists out there, love seeing as much as I can, helps me be inspired for later days. I guess I will see you next year in the next journal. ;P


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